Chicago’s most innovative startups today

During a recent talk in Chicago about the “state of the American Dream,” PayPal founder Peter Thiel — the San Francisco-based billionaire who bankrolled Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit against Gawker Media — implied that no extremely talented, tech-savvy individual with ambition should stay in Chicago. That got us thinking about all of the city’s bootstrapping entrepreneurs fueled by a dream and a steady supply of espresso who’ve made big strides, even within just the last five years. We’ve rounded up 20 innovative startups worth watching because they’re doing some seriously cool, impactful work in their respective industries, right here in the up-and-coming tech hub of Chicago (NYC and Silicon Valley be damned!).

4D Healthware

What they do: 4D Healthware is a health technology enterprise that monitors your personal health and delivers care recommendations based on real-time data.

4D Healthware wants you to know you’re sick, even before you experience any symptoms. Through activity trackers, wireless scales, and wearable biometric sensors, the company — which is based out of Chicago’s healthtech incubator MATTER — can monitor your personal health in real time. Patients receive timely care and lifestyle recommendations in a viewable dashboard along the way.

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