Fluid integration between Patient and Provider

Without giving too much away without you giving the 4D Healthware platform a test drive, here are a few of the basics you can expect:

Patient Summaries

These summaries are very useful for the Care Team and Doctors to analyse the current medical state a Patient is in. They can create new alerts for the patient, assign tasks to other team members, etc.

Monthly Report

The Care Team and Doctors have 24hr access to a monthly report which clearly shows improvements and/or areas of concern they need to address with their Patient.

Patient Goals

Patients can see their overall progress and track their success in reaching the goals they set for themselves. The better they get at taking daily readings, walks, etc, the higher their status will become.

Medication Management

Patients can add and manage the medicine they are on and Doctors can always see it and advise accordingly.

Constant Contact

Patients are able to setup a video call with their Care team and vice versa, at any time.


This is where patients are able to track their medical readings and statistics in detail and in real time.


We all need a bit of daily motivation, but when it comes to Chronic Disease Management, these messages can save lives. When the system notices irregular patterns, increases in heart rate or blood pressure, or even data not coming through from devices, 4D gets notified, and we will send the patient custom messages to eradicate the problem or motivate the patient to do better.

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